City of Maryville

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Board of Code Appeals

 The Board of Code Appeals is a five (5) members and two (2) alternate member board that have the power and authority to make rulings, findings and determinations to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement, decision or determination by an employee of the City in the application or enforcement of any provision of the Maryville Building Code, Maryville Construction Code, Maryville Electrical Code, Maryville Heating Code, Maryville Housing Code, Maryville Plumbing Code, Maryville Fire Prevention Code, Maryville Dangerous Building Code, or any other related to the provision of the foregoing City Codes.

 The Board of Code Appeal may authorize upon appeal in special cases, variances from the terms, conditions or obligations imposed by the Codes or ordinances listed above, as it will not be contrary to public interest, health safety and welfare.  The Board can serve as an advisor to the City Council on issues pertaining to the application and enforcement of City codes.  They may make rulings and determinations for the advice of the Code Enforcement Officer or other employees on non-specific terms in the codes and are relevant to the application or enforcement of these codes.

 Board members may inspect or cause to be inspected any building, land or premises involved in any case properly before it, provided that notice of inspection by the Board is given to the parties involved, prior to the inspection, as well as other requirements are met.

Davis McLaughlin
Mike Mandrick
Brian Schmitz
Harold Wilmarth
Bill Ingles
Bill Walker
Dave Sears

As needed