City of Maryville

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Adopt a Neighborhood Guidelines
  1. Application form must be completed an approved by the POM Coordinator.
  2. Any individual, group, organization, or business is eligible to adopt a neighborhood in the City.
  3. Adopter must pick up litter along the streets in the adopted neighborhood and remove any weeds in the adjacent sidewalks no less than once every three months, which is four times annually.
    • January through March
    • April through June
    • July through September
    • October through December
  4. Adopter must conduct a safety meeting with participants before each litter collection effort.  Very important when you have children assisting with the litter pick up.
    • Go over the rules of watching for traffic.
    • Children should clean up the right-of-way furthest away from the edge of the road.  The Adult should clean the curb line or edge of pavement area. 
    • 1 Adult per 4 kids is encouraged.
    • Everyone is required to wear a safety vest.
  5. City will furnish yellow trash bags and safety vests.  City will pick up bags of trash on the first work day following the litter collection effort or when notified of litter pick up.  The bags of trash should be deposited at the South West intersection of the adopted neighborhood.
  6. City will post the name of the adopter for each neighborhood on its website and may release it through a press release or news article.
  7. Any adopter which fails to perform litter pick up and weed control for six consecutive months, or who fails to comply with safety guidelines will be removed from the program.
  8. The adopters are recommended to commit to one year of clean up, but we do allow for one time clean-up.