City of Maryville

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Maps (Geographic Info Systems)
The GIS Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the city-wide Geographic Information System (GIS) used to handle mapping needs for the city. Simply put, our GIS combines layers of information  to give someone a better understanding of a particular place. Our layers range from parcel and zoning information, to city infrastructure and soil types.

It is the responsibility of this department to develop new information and layers as needed, and to update the current information. New information can be digitized from existing paper map or collected in the field using a GPS and various handheld devices. All information can be displayed in both digital and paper formats.

General City Maps

Street Map of Maryville featuring streets, parks, industry, schools and commercial districts.

Simple Street Map of Maryville

Zoning Map of Maryville (2013)

Interactive map (Google map)

Regional map showing Maryville’s four-state region

Snow Routes:

Emergency Snow Route (Map only)

Emergency Snow Routes (Map and Details)

Mozingo Maps:

Map of Primitive Camping Sites


Map of RV Camping Sites

2011 Mozingo Trail System Map


2013 Trail System Map

2011 Mozingo Trail System Map



Oak Hill Large map


Area Cemeteries (map)


Other Maps:

Downtown District Map (DREAM Initiative)

Map Reference Handbook (DREAM Initiative)

Neighborhood Map (Pride of Maryville)