City of Maryville

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Trash Hauling & Composting

Solid Waste

The Transfer Station is leased to Maryville Transfer, LLC, and is located on Highway 71 North. 

The City does not provide refuse collection services. All collection services in the City are privately owned. Here is a list of the haulers:

 Gary Maxwell  
 (660) 582-4716
 Gene Emery Trash Service (Terry)
 and Emery Disposal (Terry)
 (660) 582-2970
 Gene Emery Trash Service, LLC  (660) 986-2707
 Herb Emery  (660) 582-3715
 Gaskill Sanitation   
 (660) 541-3596
 Mozingo Sanitation  (660) 582-3675
 Porter Trash  (660) 582-2069
 American Recycling & Sanitation  (660) 582-4802 or (800) 638-8492

The storage of refuse must be in containers of not more than a 35-gallon capacity or weighing more than 70 pounds. The containers shall be fitted with fly-tight, water-tight lids. Plastic bags are allowed. 

Burning of garbage or trash is not permitted within the City limits.

 If you have questions and would like to speak with the scale house operator, call (660)623-0148.